About Us

Brown Gully Photography is owned and operated by Alistair and Nellie Brown.

We are based in Roma, Queensland and  have been operating since 2008. We were both born and bred in the bush and share an equal passion for the extrordinary world of photography and strive to deliver an exceptional service to regional Australia. Digital technology has unveiled an endless realm of possiblity and we are just so excited that we are able to immerse ourselves in an art form that allows us to meet unbelievable people, witness spectacular moments in time and relive wonderful memories.

We have shot weddings, family portraits, corporate events and commerical photography as far North as Cairns, South to Sydney, West to Longreach and as far East as Moreton Island and a fair few places scattered in between. We regularly shoot editorial features for publications such as Highlife Magazine, Border Living Magazine, The Western Star Newspaper and The Queensland Country Life and have supplied images for Channel 7, ABC and  The Australian.

As time ticks over, the world evolves, as do we. Exploring new techniques, honing others and stumbling upon the next unbelievable location, things gloriously change, much like this website. Be sure to visit occasionally to see what we have been up to.